Talpiot Community for Its Children

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Reduce the number of at-risk children and prevent risk situations in the family by focusing on the child and his family and implementing comprehensive, specifically-designed treatment programs for each at-risk family, in order to return children home

Talpiot (1952) manages a children village in Hadera, with residential and non-residential therapeutic facilities for at-risk children aged 5-15, as part of its regional continuum of services for at-risk children aged 5-22 and their families.
Based on the belief that the child should grow up at home, Talpiot developed in 2000 a child-family focused treatment model, which won it the Outstanding Social Excellence Award. It has enabled Talpiot to return each year 45 children home to their rehabilitated families, after a time-restricted period .

Among our 16 current programs, encompassing Hadera, Or Akiva, Pardes Hanna, Givat Ada, Benyamina, Zichron Yaakov and Netanya: Child and Family Center, Early Childhood Center, Warm Home for Girls, Transition Home for Residential Graduates, Rimonim Sexual Abuse Care Center for Children, Foster Family Units, After School Day Care Program, Mid School, At-Home Family Treatment, and a therapeutic-business enterprise Internet Café.

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