Ahava Children & Youth Village

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"Ahavah" serves 220 at risk children and youth aged 6-25, who come from moderate to severe socio-economic backgrounds. These children experience neglect, physical, verbal and sexual abuse at their homes. We work to improve their lives for the better.

We aspire to provide therapeutic-educational solutions for 250 children, teenagers and youth at risk who lack family support. To care, support, rehabilitate and educate; To provide a substitute for a home that allows for normal development, an opportunity for growth, and to help them break the cycle of adversity from which they came from and integrate into Israeli society as ordinary citizens.

Our main services are:

Residential Care Center - A system of therapeutic "Family Home Care Units" for 170 children ages 6-18. An organized, supportive environment is provided for the children in each Home Unit through the employment of a married couple who serve as a parental model for the children. This system is also designed as a post-hospitalization alternative for children in severe psychiatric conditions.

Therapeutic Day-Care – 30 children ages 6-13 from the nearby area who arrive at the village at 7 AM, receive all their needed services such as warm meals, education, leisure activities, therapy sessions, tutoring lessons and more, and return home at 7 PM.

Emergency Center for at-risk children - a facility for children between the ages of 6 and 14 who are being removed from their homes due to severe crises such as rape or murder, and require immediate therapeutic, educational, and domestic care. The center also treats families who endanger their own children.

Special education school- educates 120 children in grades 1st-9th who are defined as "special education children" and suffer from various learning disabilities and emotional difficulties.

18+ Residential Facility- four warm homes for 25 young adults aged 18-25 who lack support from their families and graduated from out-of-home placements. The young adults are required to study, work and/or serve the Israeli army/National Service Program.

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