Kamah - Curative Community at Harduf

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The Kamah Association – Curative Community at Kibbutz Harduf, provides a protected environment for at-risk children and adults with disabilities and enables them to realize their unique potential.

Kamah – Curative Community at Harduf provides protected environment for at-risk children and adults with special needs, and enables them to realise their unique potential.
The principles of the curative approach are implemented in all spheres of our work and transform equality, dignity, and empowerment from abstract ideas to ways of living.
Kamah operates four communities:
Tuvia Community –Home for 70 at-risk children and youth aged 6-18, who have been removed from their homes due to severe violence, abuse, or neglect.
Beit Elisha –Home-for-life for 70 adults with special needs. The personalised therapeutic program includes a variety of therapeutic employment, cultural and social life and enrichment programs.
Curative Communities for Religiously Observant Men and Women

Following the ‘Beit Elisha’ model, Kamah has established two curative communities for religiously observant men and women. House on the Gilboa is home to religiously observant women with special needs at Kibbutz Merav and Achiya House provides a communal home for religiously observant men on the autism spectrum at Kibbutz Ein Hanatziv. Both houses operate under the full supervision of Kamah and provide a much-needed solution to the need for rehabilitative programs catering to religiously observant adults with developmental disabilities.

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