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Technoda – Givat Olga, is committed to the advancement of science and technology in Israel as a bridge for underprivileged children for a better tomorrow.

The Technoda in Givat Olga was established as part of the Neighborhood Renewal Project more than 30 years ago, with the aim of providing a framework for children from low socio-economic backgrounds, enriching and exposing them to science and technology (immigrant children from Ethiopia and children from a low socio-economic background).
Since then, the Technoda has grown from a local initiative to one of the largest scientific centers in the country, with about 250,000 visits every year of children and youth, from all over Israel learning Science and Technology through hands-on laboratory activities. Eventually, this creates an interaction environment for immigrant, veteran, religious, secular, Jewish and Arab children.
The comprehensive program of study at Technoda also encompasses a wide range of subjects taught at different levels in general science, chemistry, physics, technology, electronics, computers and more, while complementing the Ministry of Education's curriculum.
During their visits, the students are enriched with an Innovative program in Astronomy, Medicine, Robotics, Optics, Computers as well as a unique science content for kindergartens.
The Technoda is also serves as a "Home Away from Home" for hundreds of children every day, where they receive a warm meal after school day, help with studies, and enrichment of science subjects until the evening hours. Many of these children would undoubtedly be destined to be left at the margins of society and even to pursue a life of crime, without the institution’s activities.
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Although the Technoda has evolved in the past three decades, its goals over the years has not changed and still our goals are to respond to the need to develop the future generation Israeli leaders of science and technology, in the context of a national priority, particularly in light of the deterioration of education in these fields in recent years in Israel. And secondly, to bridge social and economic gaps in Israeli society by providing a supportive educational framework for children from weaker populations with emphasis on technology and science. It is here that we are able to offer our children the tools for a better future.

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