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Since 2004, Menifa has been working with youths at risk – confronting high school dropout trends in every sector of Israeli society. Menifa programs are conducted in full partnership with the Ministry of Education, schools and local authorities.

Our Flagship Programs

Positive Youth Development Programs: our educational team engages hundreds of at-risk youths annually – in every sector of Israeli society. The year-round program provides educational, social and emotional support to youths. Our educational rationale places emphasis on cultural awareness and individualized solutions. The programs are implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education, schools and regional councils.

Emotional & Educational Support Centers: Menifa offers a community-based model for treating youths in times of personal crisis. Youths experiencing a variety of psychological challenges, are offered a safe environment with emotional support and individualized educational schemes. The Cherna Center in Jerusalem is Menifa’s flagship program in the field, and it is being replicated across the country.

Family Empowerment Community Centers: Menifa offers vulnerable communities with a variety of holistic programs that strengthen family ties, provide educational tools, and instill self-efficacy and resilience among community members. Menifa’s program at the Chicago Community Center, situated in one of the country's toughest neighborhoods in Lod, is a successful model being replicated in additional locations in Israel.

Youth Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities: we believe that proper care for at-risk youths, must go beyond school hours. Menifa has created several youth clubs for at-risk youths, which provide supportive environment and extra-curricular activities during school vacations and evening hours.

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