The Big Brother Organization for Lone soldiers

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Big Brother is a social initiative aimed to provide support and guidance for Lone Soldiers integrating into Israeli society. A "Big Brother" is a former Lone Soldier volunteer that guides his soldier through his own personal experience.

We strive to:
1. Match all Lone Soldiers with a volunteer that they can turn to, a positive role model and supportive friend, who understands the struggles that Lone Soldiers face from personal experience and serves as a helping hand.
2. Identify the needs of individual soldiers, provide practical and bureaucratic information and connect soldiers to relevant Israeli institutions (IDF, Jewish Agency, Ministry of Absorption, NGOs).
3. Create a community encouraging a strong connection to Israeli society, recruitment to the IDF and attaining a higher education in Israel.
4. Create an opportunity for volunteers to contribute and give back to the social circles from which they came.

How we do it:
Before Military Service:
1. Preparatory workshops for joining the IDF for about 500 Olim in Russian, French, English, and Spanish.
2. Achla Safa – A 3-month pre-army preparatory program with an emphasis on improving Hebrew skills.

During Military Service:
1. Guidance for soldiers – About 500 former lone soldiers volunteer, providing guidance for over 1500 soldiers.
2. Soldiers’ Clubs – We run a network of clubs in Beit Hachayal locations throughout Israel, for about 300 soldiers each year.
3. Trips and celebrations on different Jewish holidays

After Military Service
1. Ach LeShichror – Seminars for lone soldiers
2. Big Brother/Sister for the Journey
A personal accompaniment system for lone soldiers, combined with professional mentorship, whose goal is help the young people reach their full potential as they start their civilian lives.

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