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Empowering young people leaving the Haredi world to integrate into greater Israeli society and realize their full potential

Approximately 1,300 individuals choose to leave Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) society each year in Israel, a complex process fraught with social, psychological and practical difficulties. Due to the fact that Haredi society tends to be insular and unsupportive of those who choose to leave the fold, those who make the choice to leave are often cut off from their families and traditional support systems as they navigate an unfamiliar world. Providing these young people with a sense of community and support, while also helping them bridge significant social, cultural and educational gaps, enables them to become independent and contributing members of society, and to realize their full educational, professional and personal

Out for Change (OFC) was founded in 2013 by a group of former Haredim who were driven by their personal experiences to help others who have chosen a similar path and by the belief in the incredible potential that former Haredim have to contribute to Israeli society. Using a holistic approach, OFC offers assistance to anyone who asks for help, at any stage of the process and endeavors to meet any and all needs, whether in-house or through referrals to partner organizations and public services. OFC works to advocate for policy change, equal opportunities and program and service development on the macro level, as well as to provide community support, cultural and educational programming, legal assistance, and individual counseling on the community/micro level.

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