G.N.T (guf, nefesh, toda'a) - Body, Soul, Mind

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The G.N.T. NGO creates, develops, runs and distributes rehabilitative, educational and cultural programs based on bodywork. These unique programs enrich and empower participants, providing them life skills in a fascinating non-verbal way.

Bodywork has the power to enhance and create a sense of confidence and self-esteem, increase concentration and creativity and blur cultural gaps between people. It has the power to empower and rehabilitate as an individual as well as a community.
We offer programs that empower constituents by increasing awareness to the body, soul, mind,
relationships and their ability to affect our lives.

The work is been done in three levels:
EMPOWERMENT = A BODY WORK DANCE STUDIO -- An integrative studio that facilitates over 60 classes a week in varied styles, levels and ages, integrating kids, teens and adults of different backgrounds and needs into a new multi-mixed empowering community.

-– Accessible programs designed especially for particular participants.

EDUCATION = PRIZMA - STRATEGIES IN MOVEMENT – Programs which integrate a variety of disciplines related to body, soul, mind, gender and health in order for each one to learn and own a set of body-tools helping deal with anxiety, attention, sensitivity, low self-esteem etc – all social-emotional aspects of life. The programs include training courses for school teachers and therapists in the use of the technique independently in their work as well as training courses for adults and parents.

All the programs are based on our premise that any difficulty which presents itself through the body can be solved through the body. Our methods have been proven successfully. We are searching for sponsors for each of our unique programs, to be able to reach out to more participants throughout Israel.

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