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Beit Yossi, A therapeutic home for children and families, was founded in the year 2000 in memory of Captain Yossi Ohana. Beit Yossi designed to return hope to the lives of children and families at risk, in crisis and in distress.
Activities at Beit Yossi take place five days a week all year round. They begin immediately after school is dismissed, and continue into the evening. Upon arrival, children receive a hot meal, and then integrate into the extensive activities in small groups of about 15 children. They receive a personally-tailored solution to their study needs with a focus on remedial instruction; they take part in enrichment activities, and participate in discussion groups, animal therapy and art therapy.
Each age group is accompanied by two counselors, a national service person, and volunteers.
In order to connect the children with their natural home environment, and in light of the belief that providing a solution to the parents contributes directly to strengthening the children as well, the therapeutic team at Beit Yossi toils day and night to bring the parents into this safe and secure area. Parent-specific activities include training workshops for parents and treatment groups.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Education
  • Social Welfare

Captain Yossi Ohana matured during his high school years at Yeshiva Or Etzion in Mercaz Shapira. Prior to military service, he continued his education at the pre-military Mehina Bnei David in Eli.During his compulsory military service, Yossi volunteered for the Special Forces of the Golani Brigade.He advanced to Officer Training and after completing this advanced course, with his personal sense of mission, he chose to command the support battalion soldiers. To these soldiers, he was a role model as well as a fatherly figure. Yossi loved all people -- and especially his soldiers –with all his heart and soul. For these soldiers, he made the ultimate self-sacrifice. At Simchat Torah 5756, during an operation in Lebanon, Captain Yossi Ohana fell in the line of duty,as acompany commander in the 51st Battalion of the "Golani"Brigade.Five years after the death of Yossi, Beit Yossi was born.Since its founding in 2000, Beit Yossi Beit Yossi grows,builds, creates, and sometimes even saves lives.

Board of Directors: Moshe Kaplinski
Staff and Management We have 15 full-time and 0 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Yishay Ohana
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